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Holistic Therapy - Audio-Assisted Holistic Practitioner's Distance Learning CourseThis  comprehensive audio-assisted course is structured both for people who wish to study holistic therapy for personal improvement and also for those who would like to set up in practice.

As a practitioner, you will be able to offer an invaluable and worthwhile service to others whilst attaining job satisfaction and earning a good income in most parts of the world.

Holistic and alternative medicine holds the key to the future health and well-being  of the world's population, making your expertise and professional services more in demand. Since the times when practitioners of  alternative medicines and therapies were thought of as quacks or eccentrics, we have progressed to such an extent that today, most people who are given the chance will turn to alternative therapists for help.

What has happened to change people's thinking so dramatically?

It certainly helps our cause when members of the Royal Family have openly sought alternative treatments, giving added credibility to our profession, but we feel the main reason is that people genuinely want an alternative to drugs or surgery wherever possible. Modern medicine has made tremendous progress by being able to cure once-fatal conditions. We at the college are the first to recognise and applaud these advances. However, there has got to be an alternative to modern medicine. Safe, gentle, non-addictive, non-intrusive therapy is to most people preferable to powerful drugs that can  have side effects, sometimes worse than the condition  being treated!

The human body is a fantastic machine capable of running perfectly for 99% of the time and only occasionally, when outside influences overwhelm its balance, does it need help. This is the point when you, as a professional therapist, can put to good use all that you have learnt with the college.              

The Holistic Therapy Course is in three parts:

Part One

An introduction to holistic therapies, stress tests for your clients, self hypnosis for self improvement and confidence, and an introduction to the art of iridology using iridology and iris templates. 

 Part Two

An introduction to homeopathy, problems and illnesses that can be helped with homeopathic remedies, character evaluation, how to use and administer various remedies, a guide to herbalism and the conditions that are treatable, and a patients' self help section.

 Part Three

Reflexology diagrams - showing reflex pressure points, a list of treatable ailments, a section devoted to electro acupuncture (no needles) including the main acupuncture points, how acupuncture works. Ethics of practice, running your business, fees, medical referrals, obtaining sufficient patients for your needs.

When you feel you have a full understanding of the course, you can apply for the test paper for completion and marking. Having achieved the satisfactory pass rate and sh
own your full understanding of the subject, you will be notified of your success and your diploma will be forwarded to you. You will then be eligible to use the letters C.Hol after your name. 

The college offers a free three months consultancy service from your qualification date, to assist
with any problems or queries that may arise in the early days of your career.