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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers regarding the Noesitherapy Course

Q. Can anyone learn Noesitherapy or is it a gift that only a few people can perform?
A. Anyone of average intelligence can perform the therapy. It is a skill which can be learned by ordinary men and women.

Q. To be able to merely talk to a patient for a couple of minutes and completely relieve them of all their pain, without even having to touch them, must involve hypnosis or self-suggestion of some kind.
A. I am a qualified hypnotherapist and I can assure you that it is not hypnosis, self-suggestion, faith healing or the like. Noesitherapy works on a part of the brain which we have, over countless years, lost the use of.

Q. Are the effects short-term only?
A. Pain is a symptom of a health problem. Noesitherapy actually treats the condition, restoring a person to good health. However, by removing the pain instantly and permanently, the patient can then use the therapy to help themselves in the knowledge that Noesitherapy does work. So the simple answer is, by removing the pain, you can prove how powerful the therapy is and this will convince the patient to use it to effect permanent good health. Therefore, it is not short term.

Q. When I start my practice, how much capital will I need for advertising etc.?
A. In the course, we teach you several different methods of obtaining sufficient clients for your own particular needs. There are ways to advertise which need not be expensive nor require a great amount of capital.

Q. Realistically, how much can I earn?
A. To date, we have trained over 1000 People. Some only purchased this course to treat their own or their families' health problems, but those who go into private practice soon have sufficient numbers of patients to bring in around £800 per week working full-time. As the therapy becomes more widely known, earnings will increase pro rata and, within a year, £1,500 per week could be a realistic figure.

Q. How do you pronounce Noesitherapy?
A. No-ee-sea-therapy.

Questions And Answers (General)

Q. Does the college take a percentage of my future earnings?
A. No. This is not a franchise, you work for yourself and you keep every penny of your earnings.

Q. Does this mean that once I qualify I am on my own entirely?
A. Certainly not. Even after the consultancy period has expired, we encourage practitioners to keep in touch and will always endeavour to help past students.

Q. How long will it take to complete my chosen training course?
A. This depends on your circumstances. You could, in theory, purchase an entire course , digest its contents and apply for testing the next week. We place no time limit on you at all.

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