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Holistic Therapy & Hypnosis Training from La Roche International College

Medical science has acquired its knowledge using the principle that, the way to overcome human ailments is to take the patient apart in order to identify the various components that make up ill health. This reductionist technique has enabled the medical profession to control many diseases and disorders. However, the holistic approach to illness is quite specific, the whole person must be made well. It is fact that a damaged or diseased organ is only a part of the patient. Therefore, in order to heal the organ, the patient as a whole must be made healthy. It is no use treating the symptoms of an illness alone, we must discover the underlying condition that caused the symptoms and treat that. Once the condition is cured the symptoms will disappear.

Since its founding, in 1975, The La Roche International College has successfully trained people from all walks of life in over twenty-three countries throughout the world. The college, and our training courses and methods, have never been the subject of adverse publicity,  nor have any of our past students been dissatisfied with the training programme or their subsequent results. No-one can question our authenticity or denounce our teaching methods. You now have the chance to enrol into probably the best known and respected home study organisation in the world.

Each of our available courses is comprehensively structured to enable you to become a professional healer, Nothing is left to chance, nothing important is omitted. Your training and success for your future career is of great importance to us.

Be confident in your choice of college and be proud of the qualifications you will achieve with us. Complete the enrolment application and take the last step towards a better, richer lifestyle in the helping professions.

Due to our policy of continual improvement, we reserve the right to alter any and all information contained in our manuals without prior notice.


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