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Hypnosis Training Course

Holistic Therapy - Audio-Assisted Holistic Practitioner's Distance Learning Course

This comprehensive audio assisted course, is structured both for people who wish to study hypnosis for personal improvement and for those who would like to set up in practice.

You will be taught the necessary techniques that will give you the confidence and the knowledge to help others overcome their problems, fears and phobias should you decide to set up in practice.

As a hypnotherapist, you will be able to help people of all ages and from all walks of life to lead happier, healthier lifestyles and at the same time enjoying a lucrative and worthwhile career.

The Hypnosis Training Course consists of three parts:

Part One
A basic guide to the subject, developing hypnotic rapport, self-hypnosis and conditioning, understanding the subconscious mind, how to reach and arouse the subconscious mind, rules of the mind, rules for structuring successful suggestions and ethics of practice.

Part Two
Stress tests, stress management and the results of stress and anxiety on the body's health and well being. How to treat smoking, obesity, lack of confidence, public speaking, nail biting, stammering and much more. Implanting suggestions and testing for depth of hypnotic trance.  

Part Three
Trance deepening techniques, anaesthesia, regression, past life regression, bio-feedback, hypnosis in childbirth, advanced treatment for specific problems and illness, setting up your practice, fees, medical referrals, freelance clinical services and much more. 

When you feel you have a full understanding of the course, you can apply for
the test paper for completion and marking. Having achieved the satisfactory pass rate and sh
own your full understanding of the subject, you will be notified of your success and your Diploma will be forwarded to you.

The cost of this complete course is £130.00