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Holistic Therapy - Audio-Assisted Holistic Practitioner's Distance Learning CourseThis comprehensive course has been 
structured both for people who wish to study reflexology and massage for personal improvement and also for those who would like to set up in practice.


As a practitioner, you will be able to offer an invaluable and worthwhile service to others whilst attaining job satisfaction and earning a good income, in any part of the world.

Massage has always been a pleasant experience and the public is now realising just how beneficial remedial massage and reflexology can be. It can be the body's best tonic, making a person physically and mentally healthy. With everyday stresses of modern life, the human body is like a bow string - tense and taut. Eight hours sleep each night will not always replenish its natural resilience and ability to relax. More and more people are becoming nervy, irritable and  depressed, existing on their nerves. This is why breakdowns, stomach ulcers and fits of depression are commonplace.

When a person is suffering from these stresses, the body is more susceptible to attack by germs, diseases and other problems which would normally be resisted. Remedial Massage and Reflexology, correctly administered, can give a person new vigour, vitality and a deep feeling of well being. Athletes  recognise, in their overall performance, the benefits of reflexology and massage.

You will be taught all the techniques and terms necessary to become a confident and competent professional therapist. You will also benefit from a fitter and healthier lifestyle. 

The Remedial Massage and Reflexology Course is in three parts:

Part One

Massage - a basic guide to the subject, diagrams of  bone and muscle structures of the human body and how to treat specific problems, initial requirements and starting your practice. A self-hypnosis audio recording is included to assist you with inner confidence and relaxation.

Part Two

The main massage movements and how to perfect your techniques. Stress tests, ethics of practice, how to obtain a steady flow of patients, exercises and handouts for patients and ways to expand your practice.

 Part Three

Reflexology -  including pressure point diagrams of the feet and hands, and how to use reflexology.

When you feel you have a full understanding of the course, you can apply for the test paper for completion and marking. Having achieved the satisfactory pass rate and shown your full understanding of the subject, you will be notified of your success and your diploma will be forwarded to you. You will then be eligible to use the letters C.Mas after your name. 

The college offers a free three months consultancy service from your qualification date, to assist  with any problems or queries that may arise in the early days of your career.

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